Wheel care

ALclean & ALbrush


*New ALclean is specially developed for Alcoa forged aluminium wheels being used on trucks, buses and trailers with disc brakes.
New ALclean removes oxidation and maintains the lustre of the wheel.

Step 1

Rinse the wheels with warm water preferably with a high pressure cleaner


Step 2


Pour a quantity of ALclean into a bucket and dilute with 1, 2 or 3 parts of water. Use the special ALbrush for best results


Step 3


Recommended quantities:
1. for difficult spots
2. for medium pollution
3. for regular use
4. for frequent use


Step 4


Gently brush ALclean onto the wheel. Continue brushing action for a few minutes per wheel


Step 5


Rinse wheel thoroughly with clean water. Repeat these steps if necessary or use undiluted ALclean on difficult spots


Step 6


Before and after.
Using ALclean on a regular basis makes the cleaning of your Alcoa wheels a quick and easy job


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