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Light Duty Trucks - Hug A Lugs


Flange Nut Covers


Part No. Description Thread Size
000200 30mm Hex Flange Nut M20 x 1.5”
000220 30mm Hex Flange Nut M22 x 1.5”

* Requires a minimum of 3 threads protruding through lug nut.

Black spacer not applicable with short lug nut.


Hug-A-Lug® Nut Covers
(For 16” and 19” Wheels)


Part No. Description For Heights Fits Nut Finish
000078* 2.125” .96” 60° Cone Chrome
000079* 1.525” Tall .96” 60° Cone Chrome
019001** Hug-A-Lug® 1 1/6” 2-Piece Flange Chrome

* Fits Alcoa Part No. xx5xxx Nuts
** Fits Alcoa Part No. x39xxx Nuts


We believe in our wheels. They have passed rigorous OEM testing. That’s why we offer a Five-Year Limited Warranty. Naturally corrosion-resistant. No sandblasting, priming or paint—ever.