Alcoa Ultra ONE® 22.5” Wheels
40 lbs. pure muscle.


Alcoa Ultra ONE® 24.5” Wheels

World's lightest at just 51 lbs.


Alcoa Ultra ONE® 9" Wheels
World’s lightest at just 48 or 56 lbs., base on fitment.


Alcoa Ultra ONE® 14" Wide Base Wheels
World's lightest at just 52 lbs.


Alcoa 12.25” – 13.00” Wide Base Wheels
Wide Base wheels that offer up to 12,800 lb. load rating.


Alcoa Severe Service® Wheels
Designed for higher load capacity. Tough hauls demand tough wheels.


Alcoa Dura-Bright® Brochure
Overview and cleaning guide of patented surface treatment.



Alcoa Dura Bright® Wheels

Complete Portfolio of Dura Bright® Wheels.


Alcoa Dura-Flange® Wheels
Specially treated to reduce or eliminate rim flange wear.


Alcoa M-Series® Medium Duty Wheels
Forged aluminum wheels designed for medium duty applications.