Overview of Mechanical Properties

Arconic aluminum alloy drill pipe is extruded in Arconic’s Lafayette, Indiana facility, one of the largest and most advanced extrusion mills in the world.
The Arconic method of extrusion provides a variety of benefits:
  • Offers a seamless aluminum alloy tube with integral heavy ends of attachment of the tool joint
  • Body and heavy ends of each tube are extruded in one singular operation. No further upsetting is required
  • Offers very smooth internal and external surfaces, excellent concentricity, precise wall thickness, and near-perfect section shapes

Mechanical Properties of 2014 Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe

Tensile Strength, minimum psi. 64,000 Yield Strength, minimum psi. 58,000 Elongation, minimum % in 2″ 7 Shear Yield Strength, minimum psi. 33,000 Brinnell Hardness, typical 135 Modulus of Elasticity, typical psi. 10.6x 10(3)

Fatigue Performance

Steel                                                                           Aluminum Alloy
Percentage Fatigue Life                                                  Percent Fatigue Life 2014
Expended in a 30 Foot Interval                                       Expended in a 30 Foot Interval

Scatter Bands for 2014 4-1/2 in Aluminum Drill Pipe
with 4-1/2IF Tool Joints tested at Room Temperature

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