Dimensions, Weights and Composition

Mechanical and Physical Properties

2014 Alloy Pipe Body5-1/2in5in4in
Dimensions and Weights
Pipe Body
Outside Diameter(in)5.685.154.2
Inside Diameter(in)4.684.13.28
Wall Thickness(in)0.50.5250.46
Land Outside Diameter(in)6.135.694.63
Length Shoulder to Shoulder(in)303030
Weight per Foot
Pipe Only in Air(lbf/ft)10.710.27.1
Pipe with Tool Joints in Air(lbf/ft)14.513.79.5
Pipe with Tool Joints in 10 lb Mud(lbf/ft)
Pipe with Tool Joints in 12 lb Mud(lbf/ft)
Pipe with Tool Joints in 14 lb Mud(lbf/ft)
Weight of 30 Ft Joint
In Air(lbf)435412285
In 10 lb Mud(lbf)280265183
Open Volume(in3)3,5893,3962,358
Closed Volume(in3)9,7808,1475,398
Drill Pipe Section Properties
Minimum Yield Load(lbf)472,000442,000313,000
Minimum Breaking Load(lbf)521,000488,000346,000
Typical Breaking Load(lbf)605,000567,000402,000
Torsional Yield Strength(ft-lbf)54,10044,70025,500
Resistance to Collapse(psi)8,60010,70011,800
Internal Pressure:
Stretch per 1000 ft
with 1000lbf Load in Air(ft)0.0110.0110.016
In 10 lb Mud(ft)
Pipe Elements
Moment of Inertia, I(in4)27.54520.6599.593
Section Modulus, S(in3)9.6998.0234.568
Radius of Gyration(in)1.841.6461.332
Polar Moment of Inertia, J(in4)55.09141.31919.186
Polar Section Modulus(in3)19.39816.0469.136

Note: All data based on nominal dimensions and calculated per standard methods unless otherwise noted.
Pipe properties based on pipe body dimensions (non-upset area).
Internal Pressure calculated per API Bulletin 5C3 which includes a 12.5% knockdown.
Collapse calculated per Murphey, C. E., and Langner, C.G., “Ultimate Pipe Strength Under Bending, Collapseand Fatigue”, ASME, Proceeding 4th International Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Symposium,Dallas, February 1985. All data nominal and calculated per standard methods. Arconic does not assumeresponsibility for results obtained through the use of this information.
No warranty is expressed or implied.

Composition of 2014 Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe
Iron0.7 max.
Copper 3.9-5.0
Chromium0.10 max.
Zinc0.25 max.
Titanium0.20 max.
Zirconium0.20 max.
Others-each0.05 max
Total0.15 max

Weight Savings

2014 Aluminum Alloy vs. E-75 Drill Pipe
Weight per 10,000 ft. in Air (includes tool joints)

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