Riser Components

Arconic’s lightweight, high-strength riser systems take you deeper.

Lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy riser components and assemblies from Arconic Energy help operators meet the demands of deepwater drilling by reducing the weight of a riser system by as much as 60% and extending drilling depths up to 40%. The unmatched strength-to-weight ratio of these riser systems ultimately results in increased depth capacity, without sacrificing performance or safety.
Arconic aluminum alloy riser components deliver a range of benefits for the deepwater driller:
  • Their lightweight, high-strength properties are unparalleled for upgrading an existing rig for greater water depths.
  • Equipment and maintenance costs are reduced when aluminum is used, as compared to a similar upgrade utilizing a steel riser system
  • The lighter weight of the aluminum subsea risers makes them easier to deploy, handle, store, and clean.

Reduce weight without sacrificing performance.

Arconic aluminum alloy riser systems employ high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy components to deliver optimum performance in the toughest conditions. These components and assemblies are offered in most any size and configuration to match with existing subsea drilling riser designs, for either upgrade or new-build applications.
Critical components offered by Arconic include:
  • Industry-leading extruded aluminum alloy tubing up to 60’ in length and 30” in diameter
  • High-pressure aluminum alloy choke and kill lines, formed with unique, heavy and taper wall geometries to maximize strength while minimizing weight
  • Complex extruded shapes for high strength-to-weight structural components

Easily retrofit choke and kill lines to an existing riser system.

Whether retrofitted to an existing riser string or part of a new riser system, Arconic Energy aluminum alloy choke and kill lines offer a number of key benefits: high-strength, light weight, and corrosion-resistance. In addition to reducing overall riser weight and extending drilling depths, aluminum choke and kill lines offer many distinct advantages:
  • Enables easier deployment, storage, and cleaning of risers
  • Allows for reuse of existing buoyancy materials, with little or no modification needed
  • Provides for a reduction in buoyancy materials, resulting in reduced initial investment and long-term maintenance costs
  • Involves only minimal impact on the rig itself and very little downtime, as only choke and kill lines are replaced
  • Easily retrofitted during routine maintenance cycles

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