Accu-Lok® Blind Fastening System

The Accu-Lok® Blind Fastening System, which consists of Accu-Lok® I, Accu-Lok® II and Accu-Lok® IIa, is designed specifically for use in composite structures where access is limited to one side of the structure. It combines high joint preload with a large diameter footprint on the blind side. The large footprint enables distribution of the joint preload over a larger area, thus virtually eliminating the possibility of delaminating the composite structure.

The Accu-Lok® Blind Fastening Sytem family includes the Accu-Lok® II and Accu-Lok® IIa, which are available with the Dryv-Cap™ non-threaded installation system. The Dryv-Cap is essentially a disposable driver, which positively engages the driving recess in the fastener and is captivated to each fastener. The Dryv-Cap eliminates the wear associated with conventional drivers. The interface between the Dryv-Cap and the installation tool is a standard hex. Only two installation nosepieces are required for installation of all fastener sizes. The Dryv-Cap positively engages the fastener and installation tooling, avoiding rotation of the fastener during installation. This eliminates marring of the parent material surface.

The Accu-Lok family of blind fasteners is easily installed using common, widely available tooling. All of the necessary tools are specified in the detail catalogs and individual customer drawings. A wide selection of both hand and power installation tools is offered.

    The Accu-Lok Fastening System is designed to be galvanically compatible with carbon fiber reinforced composite structures. The main nut body is most commonly made from 6Al-4V Titanium. Alternate materials are available upon request. The sleeve component is made from 300 series Corrosion Resistant Steel. Each assembly also contains a small Acetal insert. Various finishes are available for these fasteners. Typical Accu-Lok applications include fixed and rotary-wing, commercial and military aircraft.
    Accu-Lok® is a trademark of Arconic

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