Lockbolt Legacy Product Support

Support for parts still in production but generally not for New Design

The HUCKTITE® lockbolt system has four features that are especially needed in composite structure joints: decreased water absorption, improved fuel tightness, and enhanced fatigue performance and electrical continuity. These features make it the system of choice in the most demanding composite applications.

The HUCKCOMP® lockbolt fastener is a high- strength, lightweight fastener intended for use in composite material applications. The flanged titanium collar enhances joint integrity by spreading a high clamp load over a large area, thereby reducing the bearing stress applied to the composite material.

The LHP lockbolt has all of the benefits of the HUCKCOMP® lockbolt fastener with the added benefits of higher temperature performance and enhanced fatigue strength. These benefits are the result of the unique lock groove configuration and collar design of this system.

NAS lockbolts are available in a number of materials and configurations designed to meet the most demanding application requirements. The collar, swaged into the lock grooves of the pin, forms a high-strength, vibration resistant joint.

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