E-M™ stud

The E-M™ stud (electrical-mechanical) is a blind fastening system designed for grounding terminal purposes and lightweight structural attachments. The fastener is placed into a pre-drilled, loose tolerance hole from one side of the work. Standard “pull-tools” are used to exert an axial load until the stem separates. Once installed, the grounding stud is immediately ready for the attachment of one or more grounding straps. The grounding stud makes full contact with – and expands – the cylindrical hole surface to achieve a positive electrical contact and firm mechanical attachment.

Compared with the traditional method of providing grounding terminals for electrical equipment, this system offers a significantly lower total installed cost due to the ease of installation and reduction in the number of components. A variation of the E-M™ stud includes a double-ended configuration featuring a threaded shank on both sides of the work surface. It has all of the advantages of the standard E-M™ stud with the additional benefit of being able to provide a grounding terminal on both sides of the structure, eliminating up to 50% of the weight, fastener cost, and labor. Oversize replacements are also available.

Installation of the E-M™ stud is simple, convenient, and fast. Rivet type pull-tools that seat the stud and expand the sleeve are available from Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings Assembly Tool Systems.
E-M™ stud is available in several material combinations. Typical stud materials are Alloy Steel and A286 Corrosion Resistant Steel. Sleeve materials include Aluminum and 300 series Corrosion Resistant Steel.
Typical E-M™ stud applications include wire bundle attachment and terminal grounding.
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E-M™ stud is a trademark of Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings.

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