Kelox® Inserts and Studs

Kelox® inserts and studs typically require smaller diameter installation holes than other staked, solid-bushing type inserts and studs. Smaller installation holes result in weight savings and reduced edge distance requirements.
To secure the Kelox fastener within a structure, Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings has incorporated a pair of keys, joined by an integral ring. The lockring facilitates the driving of the keys. The circumference is contained totally within the envelope of the parent material thread. Kelox fasteners are supplied with the lockring temporarily joined to the fastener so that proper installation depth is assured at the time of assembly.

Use Kelox inserts and studs anywhere strong, long lasting threadforms are required in a variety of parent materials, such as magnesium and aluminum. Use Kelox studs where the use of standard bolts become impractical or impossible. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, engine or power transmission components.

  • 4130 alloy steel per AMS6370
  • A286 corrosion resistant steel per AMS5737
  • Inconel 718 corrosion and heat resistant steel per AMS5662