Hi-Tigue Pin Fastener®

The Hi-Tigue pin is installed into a straight hole with standard drills using conventional techniques. During installation, as the Hi-Tigue pin is driven into the hole, a small amount of deformation of the hole surface takes place. This "controlled interference" produces a cold-worked hole that is correctly sized and has a burnished surface. The gentle radius of the bead is the only working surface during this entry phase. Overall, the multiple features gained from the interference fit Hi-Tigue system produces a dramatic increase in aircraft structural fatigue life. The same type of self-locking Hi-Lok collar that has been used for years on virtually every airframe program is used with the Hi-Lok/Hi-Torque.
Hi-Tigue pins are installed by pressing them into the interference fit hole by standard methods. A straight push action accomplishes this either with fully automatic machines of the Gemcor® Drivematic® type, or with hand rivet guns and bucking bars. The collar is installed with standard tooling, and the automatic breakoff of the hex wrench portion produces controlled preload over the entire grip range. This controlled breakoff assures proper installation torque, eliminating the need for torque inspection. Hi-Lok/Hi-Tigue collars are available in a variety of configurations and materials for tension and shear applications.
As many as 40 collars per minute may be installed with the high-speed tooling. Further, an extensive selection of tool adapters, including offset type, extended offset, back drive, angle and ratchet tools permit the installation of Hi-Loki/Hi-Tigue fasteners in areas that would be inaccessible to other fastening systems. Simple hole preparation, accomplished with standard drills and countersinks, result in additional cost savings. Standard hand drilling techniques may be applied to complement the high-speed automatic drilling equipment normally used in many assembly areas.

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings Hi-Lok/Hi-Tigue system in operation enables the airframe manufacturer to establish fatigue values that exceed those previously considered obtainable from other fastening concepts. Keeping pace with advancements in airframe design, the versatile performance of the Hi-Lok system, in combination with the Hi-Tigue features, produces an improvement in the state of the art to match new aircraft technology.

Hi-Tigue is a registered trademark of the Hi-Shear Corporation.

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