Veri-Lite® Pin Fastening System

The ever-increasing demand for strong, reliable, lightweight fastening systems has been met: Veri-Lite® offers the versatility, installation speed and integrity of the venerable Hi-Lok® pin and collar fastening systems while offering the designer reduced weight and envelope size.
In conventional aerospace fastener designs, the pin thread run-out area and the mating collar/nut counterbore depth do no useful work in terms of load-carrying. This portion of the system can be considered as Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings Veri-Lite® system achieves full performance, along with reduced weight, from a completely-formed, shorter, work-hardened thread that extends into the transition zone of the pin-to within 1 pitch of the grip plane. Veri-Lite® carries all the benefits built into standard thread length pins, with their 2-thread pitch. It is the short thread length which provides a considerable savings. Veri-Lite® weighs in with an advantage as high as 15%, compared to standard thread-length pins. The result is a cost-effective solution incorporating a major design improvement brought about by a unique thread-rolling technique exclusive to Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings, ideally suiting present and future air frame needs. Veri-Lite® is fully adaptable to composite material requirements and is appropriate for sealant applications. A controlled lead-in radius allows the use of Veri-Lite® in interference fit designs.
  • meets or exceeds Hi-LOK™ specifications
  • reduced weight and envelope
  • standard tooling 
Veri-Lite® collars are available in all standard materials, machined and forged, including self-sealing configurations. All Veri-Lite® frangible collars by Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings are recognized for their integrity and superior performance. It is the companion design of the Veri-Lite® collar with its reduced counterbore that enhances the system's improvement and adds to overall weight savings.
Taken together, it is the reduction in thread transition of the Veri-Lite® pin in combination with the reduction in counterbore depth and overall height of the mating collar/nut that adds up to a substantial weightsaving and total cost-effective benefit. The result is a single-choice, lightweight, multi-purpose system reflecting the Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings principle of 'doing more with less.'

Veri-Lite® is a registered trademark of Arconic
Hi-LoK® is a registered trademark of Hi-Shear corporation.

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