Ti-Matic® Blind Bolts

The Ti-Matic® blind bolt is a high strength, vibration resistant, cost effective, lightweight blind fastener. Ti-Matic® blind bolts have been used successfully in many critical aerospace structural applications. All Ti-Matic® blind bolts are designed for installation with a variety of available pneudraulic or hydraulic pull type tools. They function in hole sizes and grip ranges similar to traditional MS blind bolts and can be installed on blind side sloping surfaces up to 5° (EV version) or 7° (MV version) without loss of performance.

The spindle is mechanically locked to provide vibration resistant FOD free installations. The locking collar is swaged into a pocket between the spindle and sleeve, creating a positive mechanical lock and high tensile installations. The lock ring fills the lock cavity to prevent leakage or corrosion pockets (avoids crevice corrosion.)

The installed fastener consists of two main components that are locked together with a locking collar. The material fastened is contained with a single element (the sleeve) so that there is no possibility for fastener components to come loose and create damage (FOD.)

Flush head Ti-Matic® blind bolts are installed to provide a flush spindle break so that no trimming or shaving is required for aerodynamic surfaces. Ti-Matic® blind bolts are available in 100° flush head, wide bearing protruding head, and 130° shear flush head.

Ti-Matic® blind bolts are qualified to Huck specification T1021F under AFSR part number groups UBP, UB100, & UB130.

Ti-Matic® blind bolts are available for Unimatic® single action ("U" code) installation method in all material combinations and configurations. The Unimatic® single action installation principle offers the simplest design and requires little operator training. It is compatible with a variety of traditional and new installation tools from small lightweight to offset and right angle designs.

Part number descriptions on the installation methods and available installation tools are outlined later in this publication.

Fastener configuration, material specifications, available coatings, mechanical performance, installed weights and installation inspection of Ti-Matic® blind bolts are also contained in this publication.

The Ti-Matic® blind bolt fastening system with its 95ksi-shear strength capability can be considered for installations in highly loaded aerospace structural applications.

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