Commercial Rolled Products

Sheets and Shates

Arconic produces sheet and shate products in a large range of thicknesses and alloys on several cut-to-length lines. Although standard processes are based on the European Norm values (EN), we are able to consider specific requirements upon request. Beyond standard type applications, our sheets and shates are widely used in commercial transportation, building and construction and other industrial fields.

Slit Coils

Arconic produces coils from 10 to 1500 mm width on four slitting lines. Upon request, we can chemically degrease the surface, which adds value by reducing process time and cost in applications such as license plates, road signs, etc. Light oiling can also be accommodated according to customer specifications.

Tread Plate

Arconic produces tread plate on dedicated equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality, flexibility and reliability. Mostly used in flooring, tread plate provides anti-slip safety, perfect water drainage and easy cleaning. In addition, it does not require any surface treatment or maintenance, as it is resistant to weathering, corrosion and contact with chemicals. Arconic tread plate is the perfect choice for dock surfaces, slippery areas, stairways, vehicles and ship cabins. This product also offers various attractive designs (1-bar, 2-bar, 5-bar, bright diamond bar) and is easy to store and install.


Arconic offers coils ranging from 800 to 1500 mm in width with a wide spectrum of alloys. Coil weights are typically from 4400 kg to 6600 kg. Dependent on final applications, the surface can be supplied with light oil or chemically degreased.

Brazing Sheet

Brazing sheet is a composite which typically consists of a core alloy with one or more liner alloy(s) bonded to it through metallurgical cladding. The cladding can be done on one or both sides and comprises 2-15 percent of the thickness on each side. The core alloy provides structural integrity, while the low melting clad alloy provides the bond between the integral elements of the exchanger by melting and flowing into the join area. One of the basic property requirements is that the core alloy have a higher melting temperature than the braze alloy. In recent years, brazed aluminium heat exchangers have been increasingly introduced in radiators, oil coolers, and heating and air conditioning equipment for all types of vehicles.


Arconic supplies aluminium circles in a wide variety of sizes and alloys. Two state-of-the-art circle blanking presses combined with open shear processing enable our facilities to supply a diverse range of markets. Aluminium circles are specialized products that are mostly used in the production of cookware, traffic signals, gas containers, automobile brakes and antennae. Our metallurgical processes ensure availability of deep drawing quality specifications that match these demanding applications.

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