Crimp Ring Captive Screws

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings offers a wide variety of captive screws. These fasteners have been integral components in thousands of products made by virtually every major airframe and electronics manufacturer worldwide. Whether specified for use in aerospace, electronics, transportation or industrial products, these trusted captive screws have served industry for more than 50 years. Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings' captive screws are engineered for strength, reliability and performance.
The advantages of using captive screws include the prevention of loss, reduced inventory and improved speed of assembly and disassembly. They also enhance product safety by reducing the potential for loose hardware in moving parts.
The Crimp Ring design allows for a mechanically installed ring to permanately attach the screw to the panel. The attachment is by means of a simple hand tool.
Spring-loaded swage type module fasteners are available in fully retractable versions. The fully retracting types automatically retract flush with the panel when released from mating threads. This feature allows equipment to be removed or installed without the possibility of jamming or damage. The assembly is captivated to the panel by a nut retainer that is mated with internal threads. Swage type housings are ideal for permanent installation.
Jacking screws are a high-strength captive screw designed for the dual purpose of panel retention combined with jacking action for panel removal. The steel sleeve that captivates the screw to the panel is partially swaged over the screw head to provide a smooth, controlled jacking force when the fastener is removed.

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