Latching Systems and Related Mechanisms

The premier manufacturer of latching mechanisms and avionics hold-down devices, Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings brings its customers the in-depth experience of many years of working with major aerospace and industrial companies.
Latch Repair Station. Arconic offers a repair facility for 145 parts. For information, email
Structural latch assemblies are used in applications requiring elevated static and dynamic load-carrying capability for larger structures where ease of access for passenger entry, cargo loading, or maintenance is required.

Hook latches and keeper assemblies offer high reliability and quick access when mounted onto engine fan cowls, fairings or thrust reverser structures. Low profile latches provide ease of closure and can be used in limited access areas.
Adjustable hook latches are used in restricted envelopes where an adjustable keeper cannot be installed. The adjustment property offers quick rigging of the latch.

Rotary latches, available in rotary cam or hook actuated versions, can be operated using standard tools.
Access door mechanisms provide ease of entry into frequently accessed panels, doors and hatches.
Pressure relief door latches provide controlled, pressurization-sensitive release loads for engine cowls, fairings and thrust reverser doors.
Push-button latches are available in both one and two-push button designs. The simplified “button” release offers ease of manual operation, facilitating activation if maintenance is performed while wearing heavy gloves.
Clamps are used for the installation and maintenance of wire bundles, hoses, tubing, cable, and conduits.
Pawl latches are designed to secure hinged panels and small doors. The pawl engages the frame structure through the axial rotation of an actuator that turns a wire-form or solid arm pawl.
Camloc® tension latches are used to install light to heavy-duty hinged doors, panels, and structures.
Chassis latches are offered in a wide variety of styles and strengths. Many are used for removable electronic drawers and can seat multiple-pin connectors or RFI gaskets.
Hold-down devices are designed to secure avionics boxes and modules in a variety of aerospace applications.
Self-compensating injector/ejector levers provide consistent self-compensation for circuit board installation tolerances. With minimal finger pressure, multiple-pin or fiberoptic connections can be seated with controlled forces ranging from 20 to 80 pounds.
Latch handle systems are comprised of various types of mechanisms and provide a means of activating latch systems where access to, or visual contact of the latch mechanism, is limited. Flush handle assemblies are used for cargo, APU or emergency door access.
Remotely operated latching systems are designed for fan cowl, engine fairing and thrust reverser systems.
Multiplepin latch assemblies are used to stow removable or hinged door panels in interior or exterior applications.
Specializing in custom latching devices 
designed to optimize performance for specific applications, Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings provides a complete, integrated design and product package. Our latch experts can develop solutions to your most critical and complex design problems. In addition, Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings manufactures and assembles complete structural assemblies integrating our latches, hinges, and other fasteners for customers requiring complete fabrication of their end-item structural assembly.

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