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A pair of bald eagles joined the Arconic Davenport community in Iowa in 2009. They built their 7-foot nest on our 400-acre facility in a tree near the Mississippi River. In the spring of 2010 they fledged a pair of eaglets and later that year we installed our first Eaglecam. Employees and the community helped name the eagle pair Liberty and Justice. Since the spring of 2010, Liberty and Justice have fledged eleven eaglets from this nest.

Since the camera was installed nearly 30 million visitors from around the world have tuned in to witness an American icon, the bald eagle, developing live within this unique eco-system. In the fall and winter the eagles use the nest to eat and prepare the nest for the next season. Eagles nesting in Iowa typically lay eggs in mid-late February and the eggs hatch in mid-late March. The eaglets grow quickly and are ready to fly “fledge” in late May or early June. Arconic is proud that our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is helping conserve our precious natural resources.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Three check in today

Sky checked in today and is still the furthest north of the group. He is hanging out just a little north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Gemini is still near Peoria, Illinois and Apollo is just east of the Kansas City metro area. Sky09192017 Gemini09192017 Apollo09192017

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Star checks in

After more than two weeks with no update, Star popped up on the feed today. Star continues the trip south and is moving down the Mississippi River. She does not seem to be in any big hurry. Now Apollo is more of a mover. After nearly getting into Oklahoma, she has turned north and ended up just north of Kansas City. the only other check-in today was from Gemini. He seems pretty happy hanging out just north of Peoria, Illinois. Star09172017 Apollo09172017 Gemini09172017

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Some check in - Apollo on the move

Star and Sky have not checked in for a while. Star is out of touch for about 17 days and Sky for about 5 or six I think. Mercury checked in Tuesday and Gemini and Apollo both checked in today. Apollo is really moving around. After going south of Kansas City and then going east for a day or two, she headed back to the west and is now north of Tulsa, Oklahoma and just in the state of Kansas.

Mercury09122017 Gemini09142017 Apollo09142017

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Kids Check In

This year's kids have checked in. Star has not checked in for a week or so and Sky has been 2-3 days. Below are the maps for Mercury, Gemini and Apollo from yesterday. They are all in about the same places they were a few days ago. Mercury is near Burlington, Iowa, Gemini is just north of Peoria, Illinois, and Apollo is southeast of Kansas City.

Mercury09112017 Gemini09112017 Apollo09112017

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Updated Maps

Four of the five kids checked in yesterday. I did not have a chance to post until this morning. You will see that Gemini did not stay in the nest area very long. He has headed south and as of yesterday afternoon was near Peoria, Illinois. Apollo also got the itch to move and went around Kansas City and quite a ways south. Sky09062017 Mercury09062017 Gemini09062017 Apollo09062017

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sky and Gemini Check in Today

I have left several messages with Typepad to try and get comments open again. I'm not sure what the issue is. So all I can do at this point is wait and give you an update from today. Sky continues a slow trek to the south from Canada. He is in Wisconsin - North of Eau Claire. Gemini went a little further north of the Quad Cities and then turned around. He is now back in that area between I-80 and I-88 just east of the metro area and just a few miles from the nest.

Sky09052017 Gemini09052017

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Only two check in today

Sky and Mercury were the only two checking in today. Sky continues to work his way south from Canada. Mercury is hanging out in some Mississippi River backwaters just south of Burlington, Iowa.  IMG_6802 IMG_6803

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Friday, September 1, 2017

All But Star Are On The Move Today

Everyone checked in today with the exception of Star. We assume she is still up in the Genoa, Wisconsin area. Sky has moved a bit further south and is close to the US-Canada border. Mercury has moved south from the QC to around Burlington, Iowa. Gemini has finally moved a bit north of the QC to near Clinton, Iowa, and Apollo is still in Missouri just north of Kansas City. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Sky09012017 Mercury09012017 Gemini09012017 Apollo09012017

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Apollo On The Move

Updates today from four of the five Arconic Eagles.

Sky and Star have both stalled out in the spots they have been for a few days. Gemini moved a little bit but is still just a few miles east of the nest. Apollo had not checked in for more than a week and her map shows she has been busy going south, then north almost to Des Moines and the turning south again and ending up near Kansas City. Sky08292017 Star08292017 Gemini08292017 Apollo08292017

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Four Out Of Five Check In

Mercury checked in today along with another ping from Sky up in Canada. The only one I did not hear from was Apollo, but it has only been two days since the last ping from her transmitter. Sky seems to be on the move a bit in Canada and Mercury is staying along the Cedar River in Iowa about half way between the Quad Cities and Iowa City.

Sky08252017 Star08252017 Mercury08252017 Gemini08252017

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