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A pair of bald eagles joined the Arconic Davenport community in Iowa in 2009. They built their 7-foot nest on our 400-acre facility in a tree near the Mississippi River. In the spring of 2010 they fledged a pair of eaglets and later that year we installed our first Eaglecam. Employees and the community helped name the eagle pair Liberty and Justice. Since the spring of 2010, Liberty and Justice have fledged eleven eaglets from this nest.

Since the camera was installed nearly 30 million visitors from around the world have tuned in to witness an American icon, the bald eagle, developing live within this unique eco-system. In the fall and winter the eagles use the nest to eat and prepare the nest for the next season. Eagles nesting in Iowa typically lay eggs in mid-late February and the eggs hatch in mid-late March. The eaglets grow quickly and are ready to fly “fledge” in late May or early June. Arconic is proud that our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is helping conserve our precious natural resources.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Star & Sky Check-In

Star and Sky continue to hang out in Wisconsin and they each checked-in today. They have moved a bit south and east of where they were for a few days. The battery in Sky's telemetry unit continues to be pretty low. He had not checked in for about 6 days. In the combined map below you can see they are not really that for apart from each other.

Meanwhile Mercury, Gemini and Apollo continue to eat flap and sleep as they get ready for their big day of first flight. which should be right around the middle of June. Remember, once they start to fly, they will still hang around the nest for food until they learn to hunt (and catch) for themselves.

Sky05252017 Star05252017 Both05252017

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Little More Info

Below is a picture taken yesterday by WVIK (NPR) reporter Herb Trix and posted to the WVIK website. At the time he took this picture the researchers identified the three from left to right as Apollo, Mercury and Gemini.

In case you are able to spot the numbers on the ID bands at some point, Apollo is band #0709-07305, Gemini is band #0709-07306 and Mercury is band #0709-07307. Three_eaglets-WVIK

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tracking Mercury, Gemini & Apollo

Today was a significant day for our eaglets. All three were checked over and appear to be in good health. They were each fitted with a leg band (sorry we were not able to color code) and each was fitted with a transmitter and when they start flying we will be able to see where these three head as they begin their own individual lives as eagles. A couple of interesting things from today. Apollo is a girl. Mercury is a boy and they were not completely sure about Gemini. They will review their notes and measurements and maybe have to wait for the blood sample to be analyzed before making a final determination. Here are a couple of photos from today. You will be able to find a few more on the Arconic Davenport Works Facebook page. IMG_5858 IMG_5864

Below is a short video with researcher Trish Miller talking about her observations on Star and Sky. Download Trishmillercomments

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Star Checks In

Star checked in today as she is now heading east through norther Wisconsin. You can see her latest map below. Your challenge is to find the town of Tomahawk and you will see about where she is.

Sky has not checked in for six days now. Just a reminder, cell coverage where he last connected is spotty and his battery level at that time was also very low. He will need to find a good cell connection and get some sun on his back for us to get an update.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Star & Sky both check-in

Both of our travelers have checked in and both are heading north into Wisconsin.

Star is in about the same spot she was yesterday. She is right next to a town called Merriweather, Wisconsin. Sky is heading the same general direction. He passed by La Crosse and is near Neillsville, Wisconsin. The battery level on Sky's transmitter is very low. It would not surprise me if we only hear from him once in a while. Star is also seeing the battery level on her transmitter drop. I expect at some point her connections will become intermittent as well. It is interesting to see them both head north. It will be even more interesting to see if they both stay up there or if they head in different directions at some point. Sky05162017 Star05162017

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Star Is Moving Fast

Star has decided to be a frequent flyer this month.

As of earlier today, Star is almost to Lake Superior in norther Wisconsin. I will attach the last couple of days maps below. I also can tell you her battery level is now getting low. Between a low battery and issues with cell coverage, we may lose contact with her for a while at some point as well. We have still not had any contact with Sky in the last nine days. Again, his battery level was very low the last time he did check-in. Keep in mind there was a time last summer/fall when Star was in Wisconsin and we had no contact from her over a period of about three weeks. Star05142017 Star05152017

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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Few Updates

A couple of things to share with all of you today. It looks like the folks doing the midwest eagle migration study want to come back this year and work with our three eaglets. That will likely happen in the next couple of weeks sometime. It will be interesting to see if the three from this year have any similar travel patterns to Star & Sky. 

Speaking of Star & Sky, Sky had not checked in for about five days now. His battery was very low the last time he made contact. We assume he is doing OK and hopefully we will see some data from him soon. In the meantime, Star is on a travel frenzy. A week ago she had headed south down toward Burlington, Iowa. A few days ago she moved a little to the west and then headed north. In the last 24 hours she has traveled about 180 kilometers and now is just north of Wisconsin Dells. Regular watchers here will remember that Star spent most of last summer and early fall flying around in Wisconsin. Sky on the other had spent most of last summer and fall down around St. Louis and further south.

Also below you will see a few pictures I took today near the nest of Liberty & Justice. First sitting together at the top of the tree and a few shots flying around the nest area. Star05122017 DSC_0002 DSC_0006 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0022 DSC_0035

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Star & Sky

if you were along the river in Clinton yesterday you might have spotted Sky flying around. If you look at his map below you will see he was very active on the river between Clinton and Fulton. Meaehile, Star continues south and was near Canton yesterday.  IMG_5770 IMG_5771

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Friday, May 5, 2017


i have traded messages today with Typepad. I have not heard back why comments are not posting or when they will be fixed. It appears I can post a new thread so I will do that and see if it has any impact. 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Plenty to Eat

There has been plenty of food showing up in the nest the last couple of days. I am guessing the family is celebrating the fact that the kids now have names...Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

As for Star and Sky...they have both checked in. Sky is still north. He has moved in between Savanna and Sabula. In the meantime, Star apparently does not like the cooler and wetter weather. She has moved a bit south...back down to near Burlington. Sky05022017 Star05022017

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