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FAQs - General

Q: How is Reynolux manufactured?

Reynolux is a prepainted aluminium sheet or coil manufactured through the coil-coating process. This process allows for the application of one or more layers of coating, all in uniform quality and with no colour deviation between different delivery batches.

Q: How is Reynobond manufactured?

Reynobond is manufactured from large coils of painted aluminum and a continuous web of extruded polyethylene. The panels are then cut to length.

Q: What is the difference between ACM and Aluminum Plate?

For the same rigidity, 4mm ACM is significantly lighter than a 3.3 mm aluminium plate. ACM is also flatter than painted aluminium in 2.5 and 3 mm thickness, and can be bent to a much smaller radius, allowing sharp and crisp corners. This is the reason why our Reynolux range of products offers different thicknesses between 0.3 to 2 mm so as to be complementary to our Reynobond composite panels and make it possible to answer to different applications.

Q: What are the advantages of coil-coated aluminium in comparison with steel?

Coil-coated aluminium is lightweight, easy to process, simple to fix and can be shaped in many ways. Moreover, it is strongly resistant to exterior conditions and requires minimal care.

Q: What are the advantages of coil-coating in comparison with powder coating?

With thinner layers of paints, the coil-coating process can reach perfect and uniform quality with no colour deviation. Thanks to the optimal adhesion of the paints, the coil-coated material can be shaped in many ways and be installed directly. This avoids logistical constraints, including damaging risks. The coil-coating process is also very ecological.

Q: Is a laminated composite the same as Reynobond ACM?

No. Reynobond uses a continuous manufacturing process, as opposed to a laminated process. Laminating is essentially gluing the core and skins together one panel at a time.

Q: What type of equipment is used to manufacture Reynobond ACM?

Reynobond is manufactured using specially designed and controlled rolling, extruding, heating, shearing, and stacking equipment in AAP’s Merxheim, France and Eastman, GA factories. 

Q: Who fabricates your products—and how do I contact them?

We work in close relationship with Qualified Architectural Fabricators in several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for the companies that service your area.

Q: Who installs your products —and how do I contact them?

There are several partners that install our panels in Europe, Asia and Africa. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for the companies that service your area.

Q: Does Reynobond make engineered panels systems?

Several system solutions are available for our composite panels to better serve your needs. Each of them is subjected to strict technical approvals, per type of panel and per fixing systems.

Q: Where can I get extrusions to make a panel system?

In most cases, extrusions systems are supplied by each fabricator. Simple L-shaped extrusions are readily available through aluminum distributors. 

Q: Does AAP supply clips, fasteners, and accessories?

We recommend that you contact your Qualified Architectural Fabricators for your hardware, fastener, silicone, and backer rod needs. Otherwise, we can put you in touch with our partners. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more details.

Q: Does Reynobond and Reynolux have a Bond Integrity Warranty? How long is it?

Reynobond and Reynolux offer from 5 up to a 20 year guarantee, depending on the product, the application, the place of the project and some other terms and conditions. It consists in a single project warranty.

Q: Does Alcoa have information or on-staff engineers that can help me with local building codes?

We have in-house Applications Engineers that can assist you with building codes. You may also deal with local fabricators who are familiar with local building code. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for contact names.

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