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Q: How long have Reynobond and Reynolux been on the market?

Arconic Architectural Products Merxheim has built an excellent reputation with the production of Reynolux coil-coated aluminum since 1962 — and began operation of its own state-of-the-art Reynobond production line in 2000.

Q: Can we blend Reynobond and Reynolux products?

Depending on your fabrication process and the application of the product, you can choose or combine Reynobond and Reynolux. This unique one-stop product range allows acquiring aluminium sheets or coils and aluminium composite panels in absolutely identical colour, yet with matching quality. Combinations of both products in Sign & Display or Corporate ID applications, as well as in facades or roofs, make for a simple, attractive—and high quality solution.

Q: What are the differences between the products used for the Building & Construction, Sign & Display and Corporate ID applications?

Depending on the final use of the product, the needs are different in terms of durability, fabrication possibilities, rigidity and lots of other specifications. That’s why we provide for each application, a dedicated product that meets the requirements of the field of application.

Q: What is the weight of a typical panel?

The Reynobond sheet good weighs only 5.5 kg/sqm for a panel of 4mm thickness and a standard PE core. System panels will weigh differently depending on the size and amount of extrusions and stiffeners required.

Q: What thicknesses are available for Reynobond?

Depending on the applications for Architecture, Corporate ID or Sign & Display, a Reynobond panel can be 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 6mm thick.

Q: What panel sizes are available?

Standard architectural panels come in five widths: 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 and 2000 mm. For the length, you can easily choose standard or not standard dimensions.

Q: Is it possible to adapt the products to specific dimensions?

Width, length, thickness and colours can be adapted to your requirements, in the frame of our wide possibilities. Please get in touch with your Area Sales Manager to learn more.

Q: What makes Reynobond so flat?

Reynobond’s two thin sheets of aluminum that sandwich a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material are molded together under heat, pressure, and tension and formed in a continuous process with no glues or adhesives between dissimilar materials. Tension is key to flatness; the thin skins have tension applied homogeneously before they are joined with the core.

Q: How are Alcoa and Reynobond different from other competitor?

Reynobond is made in the same continuous process that the other manufactures use; however, we have the highest published bond strength. We offer Reynobond in different paint systems depending on your usage and/or budget. Reynobond colors can also be made available in matching Reynolux coil-coated aluminium for any type of applications.  Please inquire with your Alcoa Sales Manager for more details.

Q: Does Reynobond have a high gloss paint finish?

Reynobond is available in several different paint finishes, from low gloss to high gloss. Click here to learn more about our Coatings possibilities.

Q: What is DURAGLOSS®?

So as to fulfill all possible creative requirements, we’ve developed an in-house colour and coating system called DURAGLOSS®. It is a new high-tech coating that optimally combines attractive appearance and particularly long life. Its superiority is particularly evident in its gloss, Design imitations and special coatings such as anti-graffiti, anti-scratch, anti-bacterial and easy clean. DURAGLOSS® provides up to 20 year guarantees.

Q: Can Wood Design and Granite Design composite panels be bent?

Yes, this is the main advantage of these new surfaces. They gather the aesthetic aspect of natural materials while offering all the advantages of Reynobond and Reynolux aluminum material. 

Q: Is Reynobond available in natural metal panels?

Yes, for architectural applications. Please inquire with your Alcoa Sales Manager for more details.

Q: Does Reynobond have an anodized ACM?

No. However we do provide paint finishes that simulate anodized—and some are made to closely resemble Kawneer’s anodized finishes. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Q: Is Reynobond an LEED product?

Yes. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Q: Is Reynobond adapted to digital print applications?

Many products Reynobond Sign & Display are adapted to digital print applications. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Q: Can Reynobond be post-painted?

Reynobond is painted in a coil coating process which gives a very uniform and high quality finish. While this finish cannot be exactly duplicated in the field, it is possible to paint Reynobond successfully according some specific rules. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Q: Do Reynobond and Reynolux offer stripe coating possibilities?

Our stripe coating processes allow for two or more colours to be directly coil-coated. This minimizes working time and material costs by eliminating expensive films and expensive post-processing of materials. The coil-coated colours are also much more weather resistant.

Q: What are the benefits of Reynobond and Reynolux in the field of Corporate Identity Design?

Perpetually uniform rendering of an identity in the same quality and colouring, within a set budget and in many cases around the globe – that is the challenge.  A challenge that we’re glad to meet, and have been doing so successfully for years now. Depending on the specific composition of the project in terms of materials, environment conditions, etc, we guarantee our products for up 10 years.


Q: What are the advantages of Reynobond Sign & Display in comparison to other materials?

Reynobond Sign & Display is lightweight, thin and easy to process. To reach the same level of rigidity than a Reynobond Sign & Display plate of 3mm and 3,8 kg, you will need 11,1mm and 5,6 kg of PVC Foam or 6,8 mm and 8,2 kg of Acrylique material.

Q: How can I get information about Reynobond Sign & Display distributors, delivery program and standard colours?

Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

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