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A History of Innovation

Arconic Architectural Products SAS (AAP) based Merxheim, France, has supplied quality products and outstanding customer service to the building and construction industry for almost 50 years.  Today, AAP produces and sells Reynolux to customers across Europe from its Merxheim location. AAP has built an excellent reputation with the production of its products and also began operation of a new, high speed coil coating line capable of painting multiple paint systems in widths up to two meters wide in 2007.


Prior to 2020, AAP SAS also produced and sold Reynobond, aluminum composite material in Europe.   Archived information on AAP SAS’s Reynobond products and previous certifications can be found here:


Archived 2019 Reynobond/Reynolux Architecture & Technical Specification Brochure

Archived 2019 Reynobond/Reynolux Sign & Display Brochure

Archived 2019 Reynobond Certifications

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