Reynobond® | Reynolux®


Cleans both itself and the surrounding air.
The plan for a better environment.
Just imagine if you could build a bit of forest with each building! With Reynobond®/Reynolux® with EcoClean™, a global first from Reynobond®Architecture, this is possible. The revolutionary EcoClean™ protective coating maintains the value and appearance of your aluminium façade cladding at the same time as combating smog.

EcoClean™ is both environmentally friendly and economic:
  • 1,000 m2 of Reynobond®/Reynolux® with EcoClean™ disperse as much smog as approximately 80 trees
  • Self-cleaning using sun and rain
  • Wall claddings remain permanently clean
  • More or less does away with maintenance and cleaning costs – no chemical cleaning agents needed

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