Reynobond® | Reynolux®


High quality surface for sublimation.


Arconic Architectural Products SAS (AAP) developed a special paint quality dedicated to sublimation: Sublime, a two-coats polyester paint, which provides the support for a sublimation with high-definition, long lasting and vibrant colours.


The benefits are versatile:

  • Flexibility: Sublime shows a good flexibility, which is required for transformations such as bending and profiling.
  • Aesthetics: Sublime is the ideal coating to reveal the quality of your sublimation. The colours are incredibly vibrant.
  • Durability: Sublime offers a good durability for indoor applications. Your colours will last in the long term.


Reynolux® two-coat polyester paint Sublime is especially developed for indoor applications such as totems, shop fittings and wall cladding, both in the area of new buildings as well as refurbishment. It is also ideal for interior design objects such as sublimated pictures or paintings.


Reynolux® is a pre-painted aluminium sheet manufactured through coil-coating, which is easy to transform and allows the creation of original shapes. Thanks to its flatness, light weight and corrosion-resistance, Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium sheet is easy to use and fabricate.


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Laws and building and safety codes governing the design and use of AAP’s products, and specifically aluminium composite ma­terials, vary widely. It is the responsibility of the owner, the architect, the general contractor, the installer and the fabricator/ transformer, consistent with their roles, to determine the appropriate materials for a project in strict conformity to all applicable national, regional and local building codes and regulations. 


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