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5 July, 2005

The new Airbus B22 administration building: a dream composed of glass and metal: 10,000m2 REYNOBOND® XXL

The perfection which characterises the new Airbus 380 ought to be reflected not only in the air, but also on the ground. It is with this in mind that Airbus launched a competition for the new B22 administration building in Toulouse: this competition was won by the Parisian Chaix & Morel firm of architects.

Their solution: a building complex made up of four individual buildings of different heights connected by a covered atrium replete with  reenery. The modernity and harmony with the surrounding environment is expressed in the choice of materials: glass and REYNOBOND® bestow the building with a distinct elegance.

M. Krauss, the architect at Chaix & Morel responsible for the implementation, explains why REYNOBOND® was the natural choice for the façade, which has a surface area of 10,000m2. "We had two requirements in our specifications which could only be fulfilled by REYNOBOND®. Firstly, the material had to perfectly reflect the properties of an aeroplane: metal, reliability and – of utmost importance – it had to be possible to rivet it. Secondly, REYNOBOND® complied perfectly with our requirements of simple material processing, since it is the only composite board which comes in the standard measurement of six metres in length and two metres in width.

Virginie Leicht, manager of company communications at Alcoa Architectural Products, Merxheim, adds: "With the development of REYNOBOND® XXL, we have once again confirmed that we take our customers’ needs seriously. The composite board with a width of 2 metres has numerous advantages, ranging from the assembly through to the aesthetics".

Completion of the Airbus B22 building is expected in December 2005. Everything must run like clockwork to ensure that the deadline is met. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in the mind of architect M. Krauss that REYNOBOND® contributes towards this: "We went for REYNOBOND® due to its technical properties, yet this was not the only decisive factor: working with Alcoa means that we can rely 100% on absolute faithfulness to deadlines and a first-class service. This is of particular importance to us, since works by Chaix & Morel are the epitome of quality at a global level".

Facts and figures
Firm of architects: Chaix & Morel, 16, rue de Haies, F-75020 Paris, France
Architect: M. Krauss
Address: Siège d’Airbus Bâtiment B22, Rue Yves Bruneau, F-31707 Toulouse, France
REYNOBOND surface: 10,000m2 with a width of 2 metres
Surface: DURAGLOSS 5000 431 silver
Joining method: Riveted

Alcoa Architectural Products in Merxheim/ France is a subsidiary of the aluminium world leader ALCOA. 107,000 employees in 44 countries produce and distribute products from composite panels to household foils.

Further information available from:
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team:penta GmbH & Co. KG
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44141 Dortmund
Phone: +49 (0) 231 – 55 69 52 79

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