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Simple Elegance

17 September, 2007
The building is designed simply. Uncluttered lines with few details constitute its charm. In its design of the Décathlon store in Antibes, the “Compagnie de Phalsbourg” architectural group set clear exterior signs to underscore the broad selection, attentiveness to service and knowledgeability awaiting the customer inside.

With more than 350 branches, France-based Décathlon is one of the largest retailers of sports articles on the European market. Founded 30 years ago in France, Décathlon continues expanding its network of stores. The interplay between the large selection of goods for various sports and comprehensive service makes the stores attractive to a broad range of buyers. The firm of architects was tasked with reflecting these values in the building itself, starting with a weather- and storm-proof partial cladding of the canopy and its columns, which reinforce the elegant, trustworthy impression of the building.

The architects start with the same fundamental principle for all their buildings: achieving the greatest possible harmony with their environment. The layout was intended to fit perfectly into the overall picture and yet nevertheless to develop its own character in the process. This led to a decision to centre the Décathlon building design on functionality. The flat construction of over 6,000 square meters was erected using right angles and largely without playful elements. Yet at the same time it impresses through its simple elegance and discreet yet distinctive features. Simple tricks were used to accentuate the front side through the entry area. A tall glass projection guides visitors on their way, while columns and a prominent roof running parallel to the ground for several meters projects both refinement and simplicity at the same time.

It is precisely here that the building‘s distinct character is developed by the use of the selected materials. Aluminium composite panels in a novel, highly modern Wood Design were used on the roof and columns on around 1,000 square meters of surface; the dark colouring of the material sets it apart pleasantly from the building’s otherwise light appearance. The Reynobond® Architecture material from Alcoa Architectural Products Merxheim was processed in “Mahagony Brown” colouring and coil-coated with the exclusive DURAGLOSS® 5000 coating. It stands out through its heightened weather resistance and unusual ease of processing in all three dimensions. It was applied to the roof through a cassette fastening system, and its high bending ability allowed it to fit perfectly to the curvature of the columns. This highlights one of its major benefits compared with the use of real wood or high pressure laminate plates, which lack the necessary processing-friendliness.
The Reynobond® Architecture panels in a Wood design will continue lending this building its special tones for many years to come, since the material is resistant to all environmental influences and remains unaffected by both UV rays as well as the salty ocean air found in the Côte d’Azur town of Antibes.

The colouring of the building‘s exterior also replicates its inner structure. Colours are here also used to point visitors toward the products they seek. The construction style and design reflect the company’s guiding principles, namely customer satisfaction, speedy service and a tempting range of offerings that reflect the company‘s fundamental commitment to high quality. The architects have linked all of these elements in impressive style, using building design and selection of processed design materials to implement the corporate philosophy toward the customer in attractive and comprehensible ways.

Reynobond® Architecture by Alcoa Architectural Products and its large selection of coatings and colours continue to grow into a universal product of choice for more and more architects when time comes to design their buildings.
Facts & Figures:

Project: Décathlon building
Address: Chemin des terriers, Antibes, France
Firm of architects: Compagnie de Phalsbourg
Size: 1000 m2 roof/columns made of aluminium composite panels from Reynobond® Architecture in a Wood design
Fastening system: Cassette

Alcoa Architectural Products in Merxheim/ France is a subsidiary of the aluminium world leader ALCOA. 107,000 employees in 44 countries produce and distribute products from composite panels to household foils.

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