Reynobond® | Reynolux®

North America

Corporate ID
Build — and maintain — a dynamic, memorable corporate identity.


The public face and character of a company is strongly impacted by the materials used to create its identity. That’s why petroleum companies, car rental companies, retail chains, automobile manufacturers and countless other companies around the world rely on us to maximize the visual impact of their brands — and create long-lasting bonds with their customers.


Reynobond® panels and Reynolux® flat sheet - offer long-term, affordable, ecological solutions for corporate chains and their designers. These products are durable and weather resistant; require no special treatments; are lightweight and flexible; and are easy to fabricate and maintain.


Most importantly, they’re available in a vivid, limitless array of stock and custom coating options — including hard-coat paint systems with superior gloss retention, antigraffiti finishes, woodgrain, stone imitation and stripe coatings.


For more detailed information on this product, reference the documents available for download below.


 Retail Color Chart

 Reynobond Panel Stocking List

Laws and building and safety codes governing the design and use of AAP’s products, and specifically aluminum composite materials, vary widely. It is the responsibility of the owner, the architect, the general contractor, the installer and the fabricator/transformer, consistent with their roles, to determine the appropriate materials for a project in strict conformity to all applicable national, regional and local building codes and regulations.

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