The beauty of natural metals with the benefits of Reynobond®


Reynobond® Metals composite panels offer the functional benefits of Reynobond® ACM with the clean, aesthetic impact that can come only from nature's finest elements. They are ideal as wall panels or accents for interior or exterior applications that emphasize natural beauty. 




Anodized Finishes


When eye-catching anodized finishes are applied to Reynobond® ACM, the result is beauty that's more than skin deep. 





Colorweld® LF Finishes


Reynobond® Natural Brushed Aluminum combines the natural beauty of brushed aluminum with a high-performance protective coating to meet the consistency and durability requirements of architectural exterior wall panels. 





Colorweld® Brite Finishes


Discover our Brite Mirror Reynobond®, which will bring special brightness and transparency to your projects. 


Reynobond Composite Material Color Chart [599KB]

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