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Reynobond ZCM (Zinc Composite Material)

The Beauty Of Zinc, The Strength Of Reynobond
Reynobond Zinc Composite Material (ZCM) combines the natural beauty of zinc with the flatness, durability, ease of fabrication and cost effectiveness that Reynobond® ACM is known for. It delivers all the benefits of composite material while projecting a feeling that’s consistent with both classic and modern designs.
Utilizing a titanium zinc alloy, Reynobond ZCM comes in a natural blue-gray pre-weathered finish that matures over time as it is exposed to air and the elements—developing a natural zinc carbonate patina that protects the surface. Scratches and imperfections melt away over time as the natural patina develops and matures.
ZCM is perfect for buildings that must project a natural, powerful image and can be used in natural settings, historic districts, or as accents to older buildings undergoing renovation.

Performance Basics
  • ZCM is an exceptionally strong and flat panel.
  • ZCM can be fabricated to accommodate the most challenging interior and exterior design applications, and is extremely cost effective. 
  • ZCM is a fire-resistant product. ZCM has met the requirements of NFPA 285 and the "Class A" requirements of ASTM E84.
  • Pre-weathered zinc is a self-healing material—it naturally develops a protective zinc carbonate layer or patina as it ages. Scratches and imperfections seem to melt away as the patina develops.
  • ZCM is a non-corrosive, environmentally friendly natural product with a 100% clear water runoff.
  • The ZCM skins have a lifetime potential of 100 years, depending on environmental conditions and proper installation.
Product Application
  • ZCM can be fabricated using the same equipment used for Reynobond ACM.
  • ZCM can be installed with fasteners and extrusions made of aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.
  • ZCM comes with strippable film for protection during fabrication and installation.
  • ZCM is a stable composite product with zinc used on both upper and lower sides.
  • ZCM is very flexible in design application. It can be used in modern urban districts or in historic settings where a natural surface is desired to blend into the surroundings.
  • We recommend the use of rout-and-return or glazed panel systems in either a rainscreen system or a silicone sealed joint condition, with adequate weeping capability incorporated into the design.

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