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Cedar Rapids Public Library

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Architect: OPN Architects, Inc.


General Contractor: Knutson Construction


Panel Fabricator/Installer: Metal Design Systems, Inc. (MDS) / Architectural Wall Systems, Inc.


Panel Type: Reynobond® 4mm FR Composite Material


Quantity: 14,000 square feet

Color: Design Line™ Zinc Patina Finish


Coating: Duragloss® DL

Application: Dry-Joint Rain-Screen System


Project Summary:

The new Cedar Rapids Public Library is a vibrant, multipurpose destination with spaces for the community to mix and collaborate. A community-driven project commissioned to replace the previous library lost in the devastating flood of 2008, the resilient structure was designed to withstand such an event. To distinguish the architecture, irregularly sized Reynobond® FR composite panels finished with the Design Line™ Zinc Patina paint coating were layered in random patterns on the exterior walls of the library’s three-story wing. Much of the Reynobond® composite material is accessible to library patrons enjoying the green roof garden. The Zinc Patina paint coating alleviated the architects’ concern about the potential for “fingerprinting”.


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