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Milesquare Health Center

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Architect: Moody Nolan


General Contractor: The George Sollitt Construction Company

Panel Fabricator/Installer: SHApe Architectural (fabricated products division of Shaffner Heaney Associates, Inc.)


Panel Type: Reynobond® 4 mm ACM (aluminum composite material), FR (fire-resistant) core


Quantity: 42,600 square feet


Color: Anodic Clear / Custom Anodic Clear / Custom Anodic Clear


Coating: Colorweld® 500 / Colorweld® 500, +15% / Colorweld® 500, +75%

Application: Rainscreen system


Certification: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design™ LEED Gold®


Project Summary:

The designers of Chicago’s Mile Square Health Center envisioned a mosaic in subtle variations of grey for the exterior of the building. Arconic worked closely with the team to dial in custom Colorweld® 500 finishes, delivering the desired aesthetic, design and architectural details.

Project Report Mile Square Health Center

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