Confidence in financial stability, quality, service, education and ongoing innovation. 


As part of a Fortune 100 company, Alcoa Wheel Products offers the stability of a 120+ year old company along with the global infrastructure and flexible supply chain to deliver for you.  Our dedicated fleet and owner-operator support programs combined with education and field backing is second to none.  In addition, all Alcoa wheels offer 100% conformance to specs, impeccable quality and world-class engineering expertise.  Finally, a class-leading warranty, 24/7 (800) number support and the expertise from the company that invented the aluminium industry and forged aluminium wheel stands behind each wheel we offer.


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The Best Support

Each Alcoa wheel is backed by world-class customer service, and a flexible, global supply chain. After all, when you buy Alcoa wheels, you get a whole lot more than just wheels.