Dura-Bright EVO Wheels



Alcoa's third generation Dura-Bright® EVO Wheels feature a new and improved surface treatment that stands stronger against tough conditions without the need to polish, and is better for the environment. And when it’s time to clean, a simple soap and water wash gets you back on the road.


With a lower surface energy, less dirt and road grime sticks to the wheel. And because patented Dura-Bright® EVO penetrates the aluminium, these wheels keep their shine and stay looking newer for longer, even after hundreds of washes* and thousands of kilometers.





  • 10x more resistant to corrosion caused by road salts and weather elements

  • 3x more resistant to harsh chemicals

  • One-piece forged aluminum that’s 5x stronger than steel

  • True cool running extends tyre and brake life

  • Five-year limited warranty for additional peace-of-mind 








Look for the Sticker to Identify Dura-Bright





Along with faster, easier maintenance, you get all the advantages you’ve come to expect from Alcoa forged aluminium wheels, including:


• Less weight for increased payload

• Unmatched strength

• Full 5 year warranty

Fuel efficiency thanks to limited weight

Extended tyre and brake life 

• Environmentally friendly


Alcoa Dura-Bright® EVO Wheel surface treatment is available in most Alcoa wheel sizes. Please refer to the Alcoa wheels specifications sheet for further information.


Dura-Bright® EVO Wheels Right For You?