Payload Calculator
Use this payload calculator to estimate the payload gain and profit advantages
you could expect from converting to Light Weight Alcoa Aluminium Wheels.
Wheel Information
Alcoa Wheel Weight KG
Steel Wheel Weight KG
Total Upgrade Price   $
Trailer Configuration Information
Total Wheel Position Enter the total number of wheel positions - excluding existing Alcoa Aluminium Wheels $ per KM per Tonne   $ What rate dollar per KM do you charge your customers?
Truck Payload What is the maximum Weight in Tonnes the equipment can carry? KM loaded per annum How many KM's a year does the equipment carry when loaded
Average Change Over Years
Extra Payload
using Light Weight Alcoa
Aluminium Wheels
Extra Revenue per Annum* $ -
Extra Revenue Over Life* $ -
Months to Breakeven -
Estimated Extra Gross Profit over Life*    $ - Extra Gross Profit is a calculation of extra revenue over life less the price difference in purchasing wheels
* All calculations are estimates only and are for demonstration purposes only. These should not be used as actuals for potential profits gained from fitting Alcoa Wheels.