Alcoa Wheel Products


First, Alcoa invented the aluminium industry, then the forged aluminium wheel. Since then, the leader in aluminium has developed and launched countless innovations.


Today, Alcoa Wheel Products Australia, a business unit of Alcoa Inc., serves the transportation market in many ways. Aluminium is the preferred material for lightweight, strength and durability in components throughout the vehicle. Manufacturers, builders and drivers of automobiles, light trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, heavy trucks and other applications look to the advantages of Alcoa aluminium products and components to meet performance and efficiency needs for their vehicles.


As a critical component to meeting performance and efficiency needs in vehicles, Alcoa forged aluminium wheels are recognised as the standard for excellence, innovation and service.


Alcoa wheels provide a full spectrum of benefits and support to assist your business:

  1. Products that increase productivity and lower lifetime costs.
  2. Products that enhance image.
  3. Solutions to achieve your sustainability goals.
  4. Confidence in financial stability, quality, service, education and ongoing innovation.

That’s why today, more vehicles are fitted with forged aluminium wheels from Alcoa than any other brand.