Solutions to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals


It’s no secret that the lighter the truck and trailer, the more cargo it can legally carry.  And Alcoa aluminium wheels deliver. As the lightest wheel on the market, Alcoa wheels improve fuel economy, reduce emissions or increase productivity.

  • An aluminum wheel can improve rolling resistance by up to 3% over a comparable size steel wheel – 3% less rolling resistance equals 1% fuel savings.
  • Simply switching your equipment  from steel 22.5”x8.25” wheels to Alcoa forged aluminium wheels reduces the weight of a 22 wheel Truck and Trailer by 498kg's*.  That reduces fuel costs by 3 to 5% equating to 2280 to 3,800 litres of fuel based on 190,000km's driven per year. 
  • 380 Litres savings of fuel removes 1 metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn how Alcoa aluminium wheels can help achieve your sustainability goals, visit Pay Load Calculator on-line tool that compares wheel-buying decisions to lower operating costs, improve productivity and reduce greenhouse gases for various types of vehicles and scenarios.




Impact without Impact

Alcoa wheels’ strength, durability and low weight deliver environmental advantages to complement their financial benefits. With larger payloads due to  the weight savings, you’ll reduce your number of trips. And,
 since Alcoa wheels are infinitely recyclable, they’ll never see a landfill.