Crossfire Dual Tyre Pressure Equalisation System



Increase tyre life by up to 20% with the Crossfire Tyre Pressure Equalisation System fitted to your equipment.


Crossfire is a pressure equalizing and monitoring valve that is mounted between dual tyres. Air freely flows from one tyre to the other, maintaining equal tyre pressure and load distribution.


  • Maximises Tyre life
  • Decreases rolling resistance for increased fuel mileage
  • Cuts maintenance time due to single-point inflation and the visual pressure gauge
  • Improves stability, braking and overall safety
  • Installs in minutes and requires little maintenance
  • 2 Year Warranty


Part No. Description
ST-80-ATH 80 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-85-ATH 85 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-90-ATH 90 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-95-ATH 95 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-100-ATH 100 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-105-ATH 105 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-110-ATH 110 PSI Crossfire Valve Kit
ST-16-STR Stainless Steel Hose Fitting - Straight
ST-16-180 Stainless Steel Hose Fitting - 180 Degree Bend
H - BRACKET Mounting Bracket - ISO Stud

1 Axle End Unit Per Crossfire Valve Kit