Alcoa LvL ONE® Wheels, Now More Affordable

LvL ONE® Wheels 


Lighter, Brighter, Stronger. 


Alcoa LvL ONE® is our brightest, most affordable wheel and now it's available to suit your favourite Heavy Duty Japanese Truck brands. 


LvL ONE® wheels are six times brighter than ordinary machine finished wheels, this will enhance the image of your Japanese truck at a more affordable price.


Our LvL ONE® Wheels not only bring class leading looks to your fleet, they also bring payload and fuel efficiency benefits.  LvL ONE® Wheels are 50% lighter than most steel wheels on the market.  This saves you over 220 kilograms of weight on an average 10 wheel heavy duty Japanese truck, allowing you to carry more without sacrificing fuel efficiency.


Resale Value can also be improved by converting to Alcoa aluminium wheels. When prospective buyers are faced with the choice of similar trucks and one is fitted with Alcoa forged aluminium wheels, the truck with Alcoa's will win most times.


Alcoa LvL ONE® is our lightest wheel ever!

LvL ONE® wheels deliver payload and fuel efficiency rewards to drive your bottom line further. When converting from steel wheels, on the typical 10 wheeler, you can gain almost 220kg extra payload.


LvL ONE® forged aluminium wheels are lighter and require less energy to rotate, this results in fuel efficiency gains that will continue to pay back to your bottom line for a lifetime.


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The LvL ONE® is Alcoa’s entry level wheel and is six times brighter than competitive forged aluminium wheels in this class.

Alcoa’s advanced process technology results in a brilliant finish on both sides of the wheel. This exclusive two-side finish is the brightest finish available without buying Alcoa’s traditional mirror polish.


Using a new advancement in process technology, Alcoa has created a stronger product. The LvL ONE® is a 3364KG load rated wheel.

Over the long haul, this extra strength means the LvL ONE® wheel
is going to stand up to the rigours of the Australian road conditions with far less maintenance than competitive wheels.


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