MagnaForce® Alloy

An  Arconic  Innovation

The Invention of MagnaForce®

- In 1948 we developed the first forged aluminium automotive wheel, using an alloy originally developed for the aerospace industry

- In 1968 we introduced the “6061” alloy specifically for automotive wheels—an alloy that continues to be used by forged aluminium wheel manufacturers around the globe

- In 2013 we developed a new, patented alloy, MagnaForce® alloy, for truck wheels that is significantly stronger, so it can be used to make lighter components.


2 years in development and the newest alloy for forged aluminium wheels in 45 years.
MagnaForce® alloy was developed by the metallurgy experts at the Arconic Technical Centre, the worlds largest light metals research centre.

The Ultra ONE® wheel range is the first to be made using Arconic’s patented MagnaForce® alloy.  The alloy is on average 17 percent stronger than the industry standard, 6061 alloy, when used in similar applications.

The increase in alloy strength allows for a reduction in the overall weight of the wheel, without compromising on the strength and durability of the wheel.