Dura-Bright® Wheels


If you thought an everlasting shine meant high maintenance, think again.


Discover the no-polish, easy-maintenance way to bright, shiny wheels that stay that way. Because the Dura-Bright® production process penetrates the aluminium, these wheels keep their shine, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of miles – without polishing.


Since Dura-Bright® wheels rinse easily with mild soap and water, they eliminate the need for caustic cleaning products, further protecting the environment and reducing maintenance costs.  Find out today how Dura-Bright® wheels can save you time and money, and get you back on the road faster.


Dura-Bright® Wheels Brochure




Customer Perspective on How Alcoa Wheels Improve The Bottom Line
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Alcoa wheels are recognized for providing light weight solutions that improve productivity and lower lifetime costs, enhance vehicle and company image, improve environmental sustainability and enhance profitability. Hear what a leading fleet company thinks about Alcoa Wheels. Western Transport, a leading fleet transport company based in Denver, Colorado, enjoys the benefits of working with Alcoa coupled with the easy to clean advantages of Alcoa’s innovative Dura-Bright® wheels.