Alcoa Wheels On Tanker Trailers Made By The World's 2nd Largest Cryogenic Solutions Provider (Inox India)

With presence in nearly 100 countries, INOX India is a leading global player offering products that span the entire cryogenic value chain including storage, transportation and distribution. 


Its acquisition of Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA) boosts its position to become one of the largest cryogenic solutions providers in the world.  Clients include the like of Air Liquide, Air Products, BOC, Linde, Messer, and Praxair, among many more.


Alcoa is proud to be in collaboration with TATA International DLT, fabricating Alcoa super single wheels for the tanker trailers being designed and built for Inox CVA.  The industry giant had specifically requested for the use of aluminium wheels for its fleet.


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1st Lightweight Aluminium Tanker Hits The Road In China (CIMC) 

In 2009, Alcoa and specialty truck maker CIMC Vehicles (Shandong) has formed a strategic partnership to design and develop energy-efficient fuel tanker trailer prototypes made of Alcoa sheet, Huck® fasteners, and Dura-Bright® wheels.  It is expected that the aluminium fuel tanker trailer will be 30% lighter than conventional stainless steel trailers, resulting in a considerable increase in payload, greater fuel savings and lower emissions.


The expertise and collaboration between the research team at Alcoa’s Technical Centre and the CIMC team has helped develop what is believed to be a best-in-class product.


The forward-looking fuel tank trailer which has already begun close road testing in Jinan City (China) will roll on patented Dura-Bright® forged aluminium wheels to ensure a smoother ride and effortless maintenance.


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Let “Goodtimes” Roll On Aluminium Wheels! (Shenzhen Goodtimes Special Trailer Co.)

Alcoa was proud to be part of a new trailer product launch event (July 2011) organised by Shenzhen Goodtimes Special Trailer Co. Ltd held in Guanlan town, Shenzhen city in China.  About 200 fleet owners and distributors were invited to attend the event, where Alcoa Regional Sales Manager-Southern Region, Mr Martin He and our importer and distributor for South China, Guangzhou Feiye Trading, Deputy Manager, Mr Lu Jun, were present to share on the features and benefits of Alcoa forged aluminium wheels.


Shenzhen Goodtimes Special Trailer Co. had used Alcoa’s super single wheels for their newly developed aluminium tanker trailers to reduce the weight of the vehicle, adding payload for their customers.


A wholly owned Hong Kong investment capital enterprise, Shenzhen Goodtimes Special-Trailer Co. Ltd. specialises in designing, marketing and manufacturing various types of container semi-trailers and special purpose vehicles.


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LPG “B-Double” Trailer Launch In Malaysia (PATSB)

Alcoa recently participated in the launch of the 25m LPG “B-Double” flat platform trailer (known to be the longest in Malaysia), in Hulu Langat.  Besides Alcoa, about 100 industry players, including Scania, Michelin, BPW, Petronas Gas, Firama and Hyva, just to name a few, attended the event.  Also specially invited were 40 under privileged children from the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dusun Nanding.


The event was organised by Pengangkutan Aliran Teraju Sdn Bhd, (PATSB), a transportation company and fleet operator that delivers around 300,000 bottles of LPG cylinders every month.  Their key customers include Pusaka Gas Sdn Bhd and SK Gas Sdn Bhd (authorised dealers for Petronas Gas).


Owner of PATSB, Mr Gurmit Singh says, “We first started using Alcoa wheels in 2002 when we purchased 5 units of new Scania 124 Prime Movers. Only then, did we realise how much we were actually saving on fuel and tyre wear. From that day on, we made sure that every new truck was fitted with Alcoa wheels. With the upward trend in fuel and tyre prices, I think we made the right move many years back.”


He added, “For our future chemical tankers, we are going for the super single wheels with BPW self steer axles which will allow us to carry more payload compared to our dual tyres now. We have experienced approximately 5% fuel savings when we switched to Alcoa, and longer tyre life.  We purchased 70 pieces of Alcoa wheels for our B-Double trailers and have converted 90% of our existing trailer wheels to Alcoa. I am very happy with the Dura-Bright® wheels.  It is value for money as we don’t have to spend too much polishing them. I will strongly recommend Alcoa to other fleet operators.  They are worth every cent I pay for them.”


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Ten Years And Still Going Strong



There has been no turning back for China’s container giant, CIMC (China International Marine Containers) since it entered the commercial transport sector fray ten years back in 2002.


After decades of successful globalisation, CIMC boasts an ever-growing range of viable products which are available in the US, Europe, Japan and emerging markets around the globe.  As a long-standing partner of Alcoa, the relationship between the two companies has grown from strength to strength.

At its 10th anniversary celebration in June 2012, it unveiled its latest and most advanced model of trailers, known as “Silver Brand” that target high end fleet segments which demand light weighting vehicles. The “Silver Brand” trailers are the epitome of CIMC’s technical prowess in producing vehicles under stringent requirements for being light weight, environmentally-friendly, as well as being safe and efficient.


As part of the partnership, Alcoa has regularly paired its design, engineering and manufacturing expertise with CIMC’s fabrication knowledge to produce lightweight, environmentally-friendly aluminium tanker-trailers for the global market. Through Alcoa’s design expertise, results have shown weight reduction of each aluminium fuel tanker trailer by about 30%. Furthermore, the combination of lightweight aluminium and lower fuel consumption of the fuel tanker trailer had directly contributed a total carbon dioxide savings of 90 metric tons per trailer over the lifespan of each vehicle.


The prototype trailer models unveiled at CIMC’s 10th anniversary were all fitted with Alcoa wheels with the intention of using them as a standard specification in production.


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Hitting The Right Note In Malaysia (Symphony Manufacturing and Services)

Introducing New Tanker Manufacturer, “Symphony”


There’s a new kid on the block that’s hitting all the right notes in Malaysia. Introducing tanker maker, “Symphony Manufacturing and Services”.


Incorporated in June 2011, the newly set-up Symphony is backed with 15 years of experience in engineering and fabrication for the oil & gas downstream distribution industry. It specialises in manufacturing aluminium alloy tankers for major dedicated petroleum companies all over ASEAN, including Malaysia, as well as the Australasia OEM markets.


Setting an impressive track record, some of Symphony’s revolutionary achievements comprise the first tapered tanker in the region; the first B-Double tanker of-its-kind in Malaysia and Asia; and launching of ‘WINGlider’, a first-of-its-kind aluminium cargo trailer in Malaysia.


Symphony operates from two main divisions. Its ‘Engineering Fabrication Division’ oversees the fabrication of aluminium petrol road tankers, special purpose vehicles and other OEM projects, while its other arm, ‘Services and Maintenance Division’, ensures a high standard of fleet maintenance; terminal operation and group services; and inspection and calibration services.


“Over the years of experience in manufacturing aluminium fuel tankers, we are convinced that the practical functionality and advantages of Alcoa wheels such as heat dissipation, light weight and reduced vibration have resulted in significant cost savings to haulers and fleet owners. This in turn translates to 100% customer satisfaction for us.


As our supplier, the Alcoa team has been very responsive to our requirements and outstanding in providing us the support we need despite the difficulties that we have encountered throughout the years. We are pleased to continue promoting and recommending Alcoa wheels to all our customers,” said Mr. Lim Kay Meng, CEO of Symphony.


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Focused To Succeed (Focal Manufacturing)

The pursuit for better, safer and value-added products has seen Malaysia’s Focal Manufacturing Sdn Bhd setting an unprecedented track record for several high profile successes.


They are the first local manufacturer to produce the single largest 51 tonne capacity trailer featuring a unique tapered design that assures greater stability and safe handling.  Besides that, Focal has also produced its first fleet of air-craft refuelers.


Established in 1995, Focal’s main clientele are haulage businesses which are appointed by petroleum companies to transport refined fuel from distribution centres to their respective petrol stations located around the country.


Focal’s new generation tankers are manufactured under stringent UN/ADR European and Australian standards.  The company is also the sole manufacturer in Malaysia that operates an independent service team offering round the clock maintenance works. 


As an industry partner of Focal, Alcoa Wheels Products takes pride in providing innovative wheel product solutions that are line with Focal's vision of meeting technological challenges and exceeding expectations with world class quality, as well as delivering their commitment with integrity.


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