From Sea Port To Warehouse, Alcoa Helps Bring In The Grain Safe And Sound (Dongliang Xinrui Logistics)
Dongliang Xinrui Logistics operates a hectic delivery schedule, transporting much needed agricultural products like grain from the seaports to local warehouses in the provinces of Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei, in China. To meet transportation needs, a well-managed fleet of almost 200 Foton tractors and locally made 3-axle trailers are utilised to convey the goods over land.


With steel wheels a specification of the past, all Dongliang Xinrui Logistics vehicles now run on lightweight Alcoa aluminium wheels. The company cited savings on fuel and increased tyre life as the main reasons why they decided to change to aluminium wheels.


“We are very happy with Alcoa wheels and have been recommending them to other fleets. We see cost savings in fuel consumption and our tyres last longer. Alcoa wheels will definitely be specified when we expand our own fleet later this year,” said Mr Liu Guo Fu, owner of Dongliang Xinrui Logistics.


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Alcoa Goes The Distance In Meeting The Demands Of Fleet Customers (Mon Transport)

Mon Transport Co. Ltd., is a total logistics solutions provider with expertise in the transportation industry in Thailand. It provides general transport solutions, mail and parcel services, as well as dangerous goods transportation. Boasting a young agile fleet, their fully-owned Isuzu trucks range from light commercial pick-up vehicles to 22-wheel container trucks. They also have more than 200 aluminium tanker trucks for handling dangerous goods like petroleum products, liquid carbon dioxide and other chemicals.


Mon Transport is a major customer of one of Alcoa’s top procurer, Heil Asia Limited, a leader in providing customised transportation solutions in the form of design and manufacturing of tank trailers and trailer products.


When Mon expanded with new vehicles to further enhance their service standards, Alcoa forged aluminium wheels were exclusively specified to address key concerns such as durability and weight reduction. 


According to Ms Sirimon Usap, Director of Mon Transport, the switch from steel wheels to Alcoa’s aluminium wheels ultimately resulted in higher profits for the company. She said, “With 22 wheels on each petroleum tanker, we managed to save 440kg on every vehicle. This significant weight reduction allowed us to increase our payload by 500 litres of petrol per tanker, per trip. That’s an estimated 1.2% in extra revenue for the company!”


“Alcoa wheels are extremely strong and impact resistant. This is a valuable asset in the transport of dangerous goods. Tankers are expensive trailers, with a service life of over 15 years; and Alcoa wheels are known to last that long,” she added.


The forging process that Alcoa wheels are known for, make them the strongest wheels in the industry. Every wheel starts off as a single block of high-strength corrosion resistant alloy and ends up in wheels with unrivalled forged strength that pass the most demanding tests: TϋV, LBF and JWL-T. Alcoa forged aluminium wheels have a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty against manufacturing defects and confidently meets the needs of one of Thailand’s premier transportation companies, Mon Transport.


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Alcoa Takes The Weight Off! (Xiamen Qishun Tpt/ Dongguan Yongqiang Mfr/ Shun Ye Group-Yue Ye Motors)

With more stringent limits and stiff penalties being placed on heavy duty vehicles plying the highways and byways of China and Taiwan, fleet owners and vehicle manufacturers have embraced the ‘lightweight advantages’ which Alcoa forged aluminium wheels afford them.


Vaulting onto the light-weighting band wagon are Xiamen Qishun Transportation Co., Ltd. (China); and Shung Ye Group/Yue Ye Motors (Taiwan), as well as tanker trailer manufacturer, Dongguan Yongqiang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China).


Making the switch from steel wheels to aluminium wheels was the unmistakable way forward for the companies as they faced a win-win situation where they were able to simultaneously abide by strict road regulations and still maintain profitable payloads per run.  Besides this, the fleet owners and manufacturer were benefiting from longer tyre life and fuel savings through the use of lighter aluminium wheels.


“I am very satisfied with Alcoa aluminium wheels for its strength and greater tyre life extension.  I especially selected Super Single wheels for the obvious reason of its light weight, strength and savings on fuel consumption,” said Mr Lin, owner of Xiamen Qishun Transportation Co., Ltd.


Operating a container transport business for liquefied petroleum gas(LPG), liquefied natural gas(LNG) and other dangerous goods, plans are underway at Xiamen Qishun to systematically convert and replace the steel wheels on their existing tractors and trailers with Alcoa forged aluminium wheels.


Likewise, Shung Ye Group/Yue Ye Motors, the authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso brands commercial vehicles in Taiwan, the conversion from steel to aluminium wheels will involve trucks and buses in their existing fleet and those in the expansion plans.


Already in sight with their 2012 expansion plans, Dongguan Yongqiang Manufacturing Co. Ltd. which specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of various special purpose usage transporters, is no stranger to the advantages of aluminium.  A pioneer in employing wrapping technology and use of aluminum alloy in tank manufacturing in China, Dongguan Yongqiang has been an ardent Alcoa wheels user since 2006.


And things have not changed.  Until today, they are steadfast users of Alcoa wheels, asserting the wheels’ high quality, reliability and light weighting attribute as key components of a total solutions package for their customers.  Needless to say, many are happily rolling along the roads on a set of mirror polished Alcoa wheels that not only give better fuel consumption, but a superior brand image too!


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Alcoa Wheels Drives Profits Up In Harbin (Mangyuan Logistics) 

Established in 2005, Mang Yuan Logistics of Harbin, China (an integrated logistics company that manages edible oil wholesale, transportation and storage) is enjoying a timely jump in profits amidst a slump in the logistics sector.


Besides a large storage centre, 27 specialised transport vehicles (including Benz and Volvo) for edible oil import and more than 100 experience drivers and management personnel, Mang Yuan Logistics also leverages on their strong extensive information network, advanced logistics management system and established long-term relationships with several large or medium-sized oil enterprise clients.


According to fleet owner Mr Niu Mang, the transportation company increased operating profits by RMB0.25 (estimated) per km by using Alcoa aluminium wheels.


Besides proactive efforts to maintain a lightweight and efficient fleet, Mr Niu also takes the effort to keep abreast of industry and business trends through fieldtrips abroad; his most recent being a trip to the US in 2012 where he visited several fleet companies to learn more about the US business model for the logistics sector.


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Alcoa Wheels Runs True, Lasts Longer On The Dangerous Goods Delivery Route (Yichang Logistics)

Yi Chang Logistics, is an established carrier of dangerous goods; handling hazardous substances on a daily basis across China.


Operating a robust fleet of almost 1,400 tractors and tankers, the company grew from a humble team of 2 to 3 tankers in 2001 to what they are today. Expansion plans are also underway to almost double the fleet size.


To date, 50% of the fleet, comprising tractors and trailers from Dong Feng Limited; Northern Benz; Hang Zhou Special Vehicles; and CIMC Tong Hua Trailers, is fitted with Alcoa wheels.  This translates to an astounding 8,000 wheels - and the number is expected to increase with 100% of new vehicles being specified exclusively with Alcoa wheels.


“Yi Chang Logistics prides itself on the high level of service we provide to our customers and maintain a strong commitment to safety while meeting demanding deadlines. With extreme road and weather conditions in China, we need to ensure that our fleet makes their deliveries without any breakdowns. Alcoa aluminium wheels are not only light weight but durable. Their high strength is proven and keeps our fleet running smoothly for the long haul,” said Mr Xu Yi Chang, owner of Yi Chang Logistics.


The advantages of switching from steel to aluminium wheels were apparent when their field test results showed an increase in fuel savings and up to a 33% extension of tyre life.


“We will not only continue using Alcoa wheels but highly recommend them to other fleets,” said Mr Xu.


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Aluminium Heads The Way For Indonesian Tankers (PT Meco Inoxprima)

The first ever aluminium petroleum road tanker produced in Indonesia has confidently taken to the highway rolling on Alcoa aluminium truck wheels made using Alcoa’s heavy gauge aluminium shate product.


5182 RoadTanker ShateG1, a combined sheet and plate product of a specific thickness, was developed by Alcoa Mill Products Europe for road tankers that transport hazardous freight. PT. Meco Inoxprima, one of the largest suppliers of liquid propane gas (LPG) storage and LPG transport tanks in Indonesia, is the first company to produce the aluminium tank transporter in the country.


“Meco has made history being the pioneer in the aluminium road tanker business in Indonesia. At the same time it is creating a positive environmental impact, impact thanks to the energy-efficient, lightweight aluminium tankers which have lower emissions. The aluminium material they are made of is also infinitely recyclable,” said Ingrid Muehlboeck, President, Alcoa European Mill Products.


“Using the Alcoa RTS eValuator, a tool created for customers to calculate their savings, it is easy to visualise that aluminium can provide savings up to 1900 litres (502 gallons) of fuel per year. This means a reduction of 78 tons of CO2 emissions over the lifetime of each vehicle.”


 “With an aluminium petroleum tanker we are assured there will be no contamination. Furthermore, our customers are realising fuel savings and lower maintenance costs, while carrying heavier loads,” said Subjahta Widjaja, President Director of PT. Meco Inoxprima.


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Enhanced Corporate Image With The Brilliant Good Looks Of Alcoa Wheels (Horng Jiunn Transport)

Horng Jiunn Transport Co. prides itself on its strong corporate image and impeccable service quality to customers. Since its establishment in 2003, their reputation for timely deliveries and excellent service has been growing rapidly.


The Taiwan-based transport company delivers electrical cables, construction materials and machinery by means of a pedigree fleet comprising top of the range trucks from Benz, Renault, Scania and Volvo.


With such a strong emphasis on corporate image, Mr. Chen, owner of Horng Jiunn Transport Co., did not hesitate to trial Alcoa wheels on his trucks when he was initially introduced to them. “Alcoa wheels enhance the image of my trucks and keep them looking good with little maintenance effort,” he said.


The results of the test proved to be more than what he bargained for when Alcoa wheels helped save about 2% in fuel costs and 7% in tyre costs. The fleet of more than 20 vehicles has since been converted to Alcoa wheels.


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Green Power: Alcoa Wheels & Aerodynamic Technologies (Star Of City Logistics)

The on-going endeavour of pursuing greener measures to reduce the deterioration of our environmental resources has given rise to a Green Freight Demonstration Project under the collaboration of the Ministry of Transport of China, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Australia Government AusAid, and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities.


Originating from a successful pilot project in Guangzhou, the project is set to address rising air pollution levels leading to negative health impacts and climate change.  With trucks carrying up to 70% of freight in China, it is estimated that in 5 years’ time, road freight transport will increase by a whopping 67%; further adding to the decline of environmental resources.


In the original Guangzhou green truck pilot project, tests were carried out on three locally-based fleets; “Star of City Logistics” (SOCL); “Xin Bang Wu Liu” (XBWL); and “Baiyun Garbage company”. This pilot project aimed to improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions, lower air pollution levels and obtain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings.


Participating long-haul and short-haul trucks were fitted with low rolling resistance tyres matched with lightweight Alcoa forged aluminium wheels and various aerodynamic technologies that had achieved prior successes in earlier tests under the US EPA SmartWay programme.


Results from the pilot test programme were promising, with particularly convincing statistics consolidated by SOCL.  Their long haul trucks reported fuel savings of up to 6.6% and emission reductions including 9.18 tons of CO2, 33.21 kg NOx and 1.41 kg PM10.  The company has since converted their fleet to Alcoa aluminium wheels, and continue to enjoy the benefits of the savings they procure.


Through demonstration of green truck technology and green freight logistics, we hope that the energy-saving practices will be adopted more widely in the sector, so as to contribute to the government’s goal of reducing the energy intensity of the road freight sector by 12 percent by 2015 and 16 percent by 2020 from the 2005 level,” said Ke Fang, Senior Urban Transport Specialist of the World Bank and task manager of the Green Freight Demonstration Project.


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Truck Owner Prospers With Alcoa Wheels (Shijiazhuang-Tengzhou Line/ Coal Transportation)

A Chinese truck owner in Liao Cheng, Shandong (China), took the advice of Alcoa Wheel Products’ distributor, Mr Yan, Manager of Liaocheng City Wanhe Rubber Tire Co. Ltd to make the switch to Alcoa aluminium wheels and has not looked back since.


Mr Zhang Baoheng, owner of a 2-year old Auman vehicle, transports coal for the Shijiazhuang – Tengzhou Line company in China.  Under the encouragement of Mr Yan, he retrofitted his truck completely with 22-units of Alcoa aluminium wheels which immediately reduced the weight of his vehicle by 700kg.


“This reduction increased my income per round trip by 154 Yuan.  Based on my average of 15 round trips per month, my overall income increased by 27,720 Yuan per year,” said Mr Zhang. 


He added, “Besides this, Alcoa wheels have also helped me saved about 50 percent of the costs that is required for new tyres every year due to extended tyre wear performance.  My peers who drive the exact same model as I do, spend twice as much on wheels and need to change them annually while mine are only half worn at the same point in time.  It means that for every year, I earn nearly 40,000 Yuan more than the other vehicle owners.” 


“I really appreciate Alcoa wheels and Mr. Yan, the manager of Liaocheng City Wanhe Rubber Tyre Co. Ltd for helping me thrive in this highly competitive transportation industry.”


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