About Us



Alcoa Wheels can count on many years of experience in the field of aluminium wheels.

We actually invented the forged aluminium wheel in 1948. Our wheels are manufactured

in a highly automated, state of the art factory and this is according to a special forging

process designed by Alcoa.


In 2016 Alcoa seperated into 2 companies: Alcoa and Arconic. Alcoa Wheels are produced

by Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products which is part of the Arconic group.


We offer the widest range of wheel dimensions, from 17.5”/19.5” to an extensive variety

of 22.5” wheels. We can proudly state that our wheels are the first aluminium wheels to

be tested and approved by all the European truck and coach manufacturers. Our high

quality products are included in all the truck and bus OEM option books.