Accessories by Alcoa Wheels

An investment in a set of Alcoa Wheels is an important decision for our customers, be it for the weight saving, the appearance or the strength of the wheels.

This means maintaining the wheels is and should be, a top priority in order to keep the wheels in the best possible condition and ensure a long service life.

In order for customers to do this, Alcoa Wheels has spent many years developing unique products for our wheels which allows our customers to maintain the wheels to the highest levels and enhance their appearance.

All our accessories are available from our network of authorised Alcoa distributors which can be found on our website.

Product groups:

CLEANING: Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash, ALclean, ALbrush, ALpolish, ALkit4
MAINTENANCE: HUBgrease, VALVEgrease, Discmates, Bristle Disc
APPEARANCE: ALcovers in steel and chromed plastic, ALgrip

More detailed information can be found in our Accessories brochure.

Our list of distributors can be found here.