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The strongest wheels



Why is forged aluminium so strong ?

Forging aligns the grain structure of aluminium with the shape of the wheel. This produces wheels with unrivalled strength that pass the most demanding tests. TÜV, JWL- T, LBF tested and a five-year warranty without any limitations on mileage.



High strength test results
Forged Alcoa Wheels (above right) withstand a load of 71,200 kg before it deforms by 5 cm. The rim of the steel wheel is deformed this much at only 13,600 kg. In other words, Alcoa Wheels are more than five times as strong!
Impact test results
The Japanese JWL test simulates a truck hitting a high kerb at a speed of 50 km/h. A 910 kg weight is dropped onto the tyre and wheel assembly. The test is performed in the Alcoa Wheels technical centre in Pittsburgh according to the Japanese CHIGI-15I-15III specifications. While steel wheels show excessive deformation and cast aluminium breaks, Alcoa Wheels pass the tests successfully.


The Forging Process



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Forged Alcoa Wheels

Cast aluminium wheel

Forged Alcoa Wheels

Cast aluminium wheel

Welded steel wheel