Dura-Bright® Wheels


Dura-Bright® surface treated wheels are warranted against:


• Filiform corrosion (worm or hair like lines, generally milky in appearance, underneath surface protective treatment and emanating from damage to the surface treatment such as scratches or damage from mounting hardware or balancing weights)
• Blistering due to loss of adhesion of the surface treatment
• Lift off of the surface treatment due to physical damage


During their service life, Dura-Bright® wheels can become scratched or damaged by road debris and/or mechanical damage. If scratches or other damages occur to the Dura-Bright® treatment that expose the aluminium underneath, the exposed metal may naturally oxidize, but any corrosion will be limited to the exposed metal and will not extend into or underneath the Dura-Bright® treatment. Continue to follow the normal washing and cleaning instructions.


The mounting area can become scratched or discolored when mounted against another wheel, hub or drum. Similar scratches can be caused by contact with wheel nuts, nut covers and hub covers.


If corrosion occurs within the warranty period, subject to the limitations stated above, Alcoa will replace any wheel exhibiting such corrosion, excluding wheels:

• that were subject to use of abrasive cleaners, compounds or tools
• that have not been maintained frequently or show encrusted brake dust
• that show corrosion as a result of scratches and other damage
• that show corrosion and / or discoloring as a result of mating contact with another wheel, hub, drum, wheel nuts, nut covers and hub covers.