5,000,000th Alcoa wheel – and the lucky winner is…

November 30, 2010
Since selling its first wheel in Europe in 1978, Alcoa has not only celebrated 30 years of successful sales activities, but also the sale of its 5,000,000th wheel on the European market.
The wheel will soon be on the road fitted on a tipping semitrailer from the company Rolf Augst Baustoffe in Wuppertal (Germany). It is a Dura-Bright® wheel in size 22.5 x 11.75 offset 120 on a trailer manufactured by the Meierling company in Hagen (Germany). Currently, Rolf Augst Baustoffe has a fleet of 22 trucks and 22 trailers transporting building materials. 16 of these trailers built by Meierling are made of solid aluminum in order to generate the greatest possible useful load.
“We have been an Alcoa customer for more than 10 years. All our vehicles are equipped with Alcoa wheels. Besides the weight advantages for a greater useful load, the appearance of our trucks and wheels is also very important. Alcoa wheels offer these advantages all in one”, says Managing Director Thomas Augst. “To make sure that we are always on the road with clean and shiny wheels, we started using the easy to clean Dura-Bright® wheels 3 years ago and we are still extremely satisfied with them.”