Alcoa supported 'Bike Factory' launched

November 1, 2008
On November 6, the Netherlands based aluminium industry launched the 'Bike Factory', a new tool to win the war for talent and an excellent showcase of how aluminium is supporting a sustainable future.

Alcoa is active in many fields of work in countries all over the world. In all of these countries we are on the lookout for talented and highly motivated people. We do this by advertizing the many opportunities employees have at our company or we hook onto local and regional initiatives to create an interest with young people to work in an industrial environment. Motivating kids to choose for education and a career in a technologically advanced industry as ours can not start early enough. The school kids of today are the employees, customers or suppliers of our industry of the future.

To create an interest in technology and at the same time educate kids on the many benefits of our material and our industry at large, Alcoa in The Netherlands supported the development of the 'Bike Factory'. This aluminium intensive, light weight, dismountable and travelling BMX race track will be set up at over 30 events throughout the year and across the country in order to engage kids in a healthy competition and teach them all about the many wonders of technology and aluminium. The whole Bike Factory track, bikes and supporting equipment will be transported with the use of an all aluminium trailer.

Through the Dutch 'Aluminium Center' Alcoa Netherlands and Alcoa Wheel Products Europe supported the Bike Factory project with six forged Dura-Bright? aluminium wheels for the trailer to help lower the overall vehicle weight, increase its payload and decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. At the same time these easy-to-clean Dura-Bright? wheels make the trailer look extra good!

The Bike Factory was officially launched and opened during the Aluminium Center's General Assembly on November 6th. Doing the honors was internationally known Dutch cyclist Michael Boogerd, a 12 time Tour de France veteran.