What options to specify on your vehicles in these difficult economic times? Alcoa aluminium wheels – a good investment!

May 2, 2009
When times are difficult and money scarce, transport companies and coach operators may be inclined to safe on options on their trucks, trailers and buses. Also, as truck and trailer OEMs have a lot of “standard” vehicles on stock, they might be offered to you at reduced prices. However, some options are worthwhile considering, as in the long run they will save you money. One of these options are Alcoa forged aluminium wheels, which are available at all European truck, trailer and bus/coach OEMs, and for the aftermarket via the Alcoa distributor network.

What benefits can Alcoa wheels bring you?
Alcoa aluminium wheels are forged from one piece of aluminium, without welds. They are corrosion resistant and withstand the most severe tests. Compared to steel wheels, they are:

  • up to 47 % saving per wheel, depending on the wheel size
  • between 228 and 463 kg weight saving per truck/trailer combination, depending on the configuration
  • increased payload on every trip
  • driver comfort

  • unrivalled forged strength
  • 4 times stronger than steel

5-year warranty More economical
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • better heat dissipation
  • less tyre wear
  • increased life time of brakes
  • increased life duration of suspension
  • no repainting necessary, nor wheel covers
  • longer service life (up to 15 years)

More environmentally friendly
  • high strength aluminium alloy
  • 100% recyclable
  • Less weight
    • increased payload
    • less trips needed to transport goods
    • less CO2 emissions

More innovative
At Alcoa, we listen to our customers’ needs and come up with solutions, such as:
  • Dura-Bright® wheels for easy maintenance
  • Dura-Flange® wheels for longer service life in extreme conditions
  • WorkHorse® wheels for construction vehicles and where a higher maximum load is needed
  • Many different wheel sizes, including 22.5 x 17.00, 22.5 x 15.00 etc…

Better looking
Alcoa aluminium wheels
  • accentuate the classy look of your vehicles, which are your business card in the market
  • help maintain your clean image

For more info on Alcoa wheels, go to http://www.alcoa.com/alcoawheels/europe/en/home.asp.