Alcoa further reduces weight of its truck wheels

February 1, 2008
In March of this year, Alcoa Wheels will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The first forged aluminium truck wheel was made by Alcoa in Cleveland/USA in 1948, and they have not stopped reinventing it since. Alcoa is the world's most innovative aluminium wheel manufacturer and today presents a new series of "lightweight" wheels. Indeed, Alcoa Wheel Products Europe has succeeded in making their common size truck wheels even lighter than they were.

They reduced the weight of following wheel sizes:

22.5 x 8.25 from 24.18 kg to 22.79 kg =   - 1.39 kg
22.5 x 9.00 from 24.73 kg to 23.21 kg =   - 1.52 kg
19.5 x 7.50 from 18.67 kg to 17.76 kg =   - 0.91 kg
19.5 x 8.25 from 19.23 kg to 18.54 kg =   - 0.69 kg

This significant weight saving underlines Alcoa's continuous determination in improving value for its customers.

The lightweight wheels are produced in the Alcoa plant in Hungary from 1st February 2008 onwards.

For questions regarding the new "lightweight" wheels, please do not hesitate to call Keith Arrowsmith, Sales Manager U.K. & Eire, mob. +44 (0)7860 424314.