New Alcoa 17.5” x 6.75” wheel available for low deck trailers

August 1, 2009
At Alcoa we listen to our customers’ needs and the market demand. Therefore we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new 17.5 x 6.75 trailer wheel with 10 bolt holes on a 225 mm PCD. This wheel hosts tyre sizes 245/70 R 17.5 and 235/75 R 17.5. It is available in Europe from mid August and is suitable for

  • low deck trailers for transport of heavy and oversized vehicles and loads
  • trailers and semi-trailers for volume transport
  • special trailers for transport of passenger cars
This new wheel is compatible with drum brakes only. It is suitable for dual mounting and the maximum load is 3000 kg per wheel, equal to load index 146. It is available in Mirror Polished finish, part number 663823.

More technical details can be found on the 2009 specifcation sheet on

Compared to steel wheels in this size, Alcoa wheels offer many advantages:

  • lower weight (13.7 kg only)
  • better heat dissipation, resulting in less tyre wear
  • great looks for these special vehicles
For additional information, contact your Alcoa Sales Representative or local distributor:
Tyre-Line Ltd., tel. +44 1327 701 000
Midland Tyre Services, tel. +353 505 41940