Alcoa Partner for the new Renault Truck Premium Lander 8x4 Concrete Mixer

June 1, 2009
Alcoa Wheels and Renault Trucks have underlined their long time partnership with a new collaboration presented at the recent Intermat show in Paris. Renault’s new Premium Lander 8x4 extra-light concrete mixer is presented in exclusivity with Alcoa’s wide base single wheels for drive axles, contributing to a significant reduction of the overall vehicle weight.

By converting this vehicle from twelve 22.5 x 9.00 aluminium wheels and corresponding tyres on all axles to four 22.5 x 9.00 wheels and four 22.5 x 17.00 Alcoa wheels and corresponding Super Single tyres on the drive axles, a total weight of 261 kg is saved, of which Alcoa wheels alone account for 196 kg.

Compared to a 4-axle vehicle on steel wheels in size 22.5 x 9.00, the weight saving by switching to aluminium wheels, including the four 22.5 x 17.00 wheels and corresponding tyres on the drive axles, is as much as 475 kg!

The choice of Alcoa aluminium wheels on this concrete mixer is a necessity, as the concrete suppliers want to load 8 m3 of concrete instead of 7 m3 , without exceeding the European legislation of 32 tons for a 4-axle vehicle.

This increase in payload on every trip results in a significant higher revenue, at the same time decreasing the environmental impact.

Along with weight saving, Alcoa wheels offer many other advantages. Compared to steel wheels they are also stronger (4 times as strong as steel) which makes them most suitable for construction vehicles.

Other economic advantages provided by Alcoa wheels are a better heat dissipation, reduced fuel consumption, less tire wear and an increased life duration of brakes and suspension. Alcoa wheels are forged from a high strength aluminium alloy and therefore 100% recyclable, which makes them very environmentally friendly.

But the most important reason to specify them on this particular Renault Premium Lander is weight saving. Weight saving means increased payload, which results in less trips for the same amount of concrete, and therefore less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.
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